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Global Team Up

Jeff St John - March 17, 2021 - 0 comments

IOH™ Graphically Embraces & Celebrates the Spirit of Soccer

We were proud to work with international organization, Spirit of Soccer on a major refresh of their brand. Of course we love the work we did for them across both print and digital platforms, but we really love what they’re all about, using the world’s most popular sport to (in their own words) “educate, equip and employ vulnerable people in conflict and post-conflict zones around the world.”


> More about the organization, their efforts and ways YOU can be of service here.

Brand Language

Below: proposed identity and brand assets.

Spirit of Soccer Identity
Spirit of Soccer Brand Toolkit
Spirit of Soccer Website Design

The same, but different.

We know that some identities carry with them significant emotional equity. When updating an existing mark with such a storied history, we do our best to modernize and optimize the new while staying true to the spirit and legacy of the original.


> Read the history behind the original mark and British soccer coach, Scotty Lee’s story here.

Logo Before and After

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