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We Came. We Advised. We Totally Had an Awesome Time.

Jeff St John - December 9, 2021 - 0 comments

IOH™: Advisors to San Diego Design Week 2021

Wrapped: our second year of being on the advisory board for San Diego’s budding Design Week event. We got down into the weeds with a fantastic group of people; planning, mapping, and shaping the outcome of a highly successful SDDW ’21.


But pics of us sitting on Zoom calls or attending the rare in-person advisor meetings would be boring. So instead, here’s a stream-of-consciousness barrage of funky images capturing a few choice moments from an eventful couple of days.

Advisors on Swag Patrol
Collaborate Environmental Type
Industry of Hues SDDW Logo
Lettpress Woodcut Letters
Athenaeum Open House
Letterpress Print
Letterpress Artwork
Susan Merritt - Designer
Graffiti Wall at Tecture
Old Fashioned Lumber Party
Old Fashioned Lumber Party
Noble Intent Studio
Noble Intent Studio
AIGA Projected Futures

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