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Insights by Industry of Hues™: Environmental Design Do’s & Dont’s

Jeff St John - June 20, 2023 - 0 comments

14 Pro Tips to Leave a Positive
and Lasting Impact for Your Next
Event or Trade Show Setup

PROJECT Las Vegas Signage

IOH™ at FN MAGIC/PROJECT Las Vegas. Now this is dimensional signage.

MAGIC Las Vegas Digital Wall Signage

The ultimate digital display inside the lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Example of Digital Banner

Example of a small digital banner being utilized on the floor at MAGIC Las Vegas.

Social media moment image

Prime example of a fun, unique social media moment that had everyone stopping to take event selfies. There was even a smoke machine that significantly upped the wow factor.

On to the Tips

01   Dimensional Signage

Add some spice to your identity signage by utilizing a backlit, three-dimensional sign.
Bonus points for brand-colored back lights.


02   Showcase Your Packaging

Showcase your packaging along with your product.
Leave that mark on the consumer’s brain.


03   Digital Wall & Banner Stands

If it’s in your budget, make use of digital banners.
These come in a variety of sizes from full, structural walls, to digital versions of basic banner stands (like the print banners, but with a digital screen).
Digital signage allows you to have your brand videos looping, and the movement from your video will catch the eye of attendees walking past your booth.


04   Project Yourself!

Have a smaller budget?
Project video onto any surface; concrete, makeshift screens
Projectors are small these days, and relatively inexpensive (especially compared to massive digital wall displays).


05   Stay Grounded

Ground the booths with some kind of foundational element, especially in fashion.
People are turned off by booths that simply have racks of clothes in them.
You should look like a pop-up storefront, not a clearance rack.


06   Journal Me This

As far as swag/giveaways go, we suggest giving out branded journals to attendees to take notes on their experience.


07   Branded Hangers

Are you a fashion brand?
Brand your hangers, especially if you use bright colors.
Those little pops catch the eye of the passersby.


08   Avoid Jaggies (IRL)

If using free standing 3D laser cut signage, make sure you have clean edges!
Nothing looks worse on a sign than torn, warped, or jagged edges, no matter how sexy the artwork.


09   Materials Matter

Everyone has totes, so make yours standout by using unique, high-end, and interesting materials (think about durability as well).


10   Utilize Product Photography

Use your own product photography on exterior booth walls and panels, leaving the interior minimal and clean (avoid clutter).


11   What’s That Smell?

Don’t eat overly fragrant foods (looking at you fish, curries, garlic, etc.) while on the clock.
Take a break and have your lunch away from the crowd.


12   Carpet Woes

Be mindful if using carpet inside booths!
Someone WILL spill something on it, not to mention the amount of abusive foot traffic that will be marching through.


13   Be Nice

Be social and approachable!
This seems like a no-brainer, but nobody is interested in checking out a booth where the proprietors looked bored and/or uninterested.


14   Be Social

And lastly, make use of ‘Grammable’ moments by setting up a photo booth or unique social media opportunity.
Let your followers know where you are.



If budgets resemble shoe strings or limitations abound, get creative!
Lean into color and maybe some interesting props to entice visitors.

With a very modest budget, IOH™ was able to take home a Glass Slipper at MAGIC Las Vegas for our work on the booth for Danish Footwear company, Backyard Footwear (pictured below).

IOH Designed booth for Backyard Footwear

IOH™ designed booth for Danish company, Backyard Footwear at MAGIC Las Vegas.

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