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Jen Schro Catching.
Positive Mentorship
Through Sport.


Project Info

As stated on her website: Softball player turned instructor, empowering young female athletes to reach their competitive potential, build confidence and connect to their best selves, on and off the field. Jen Schro is living a life of positive influence through sport. An accomplished softball player, she brings her upbeat energy and passion to the plate in her coaching sessions. Her mission is to develop and support girls as they pursue softball and grow into powerful athletes and women.

The creative collaboration between Industry of Hues and Jen Schro Catching was in effect for over three years, originating with strategy consultants, Office of Awesome, on brand and identity and then transitioning into more comprehensive design projects that supported yearly retreats and ongoing growth and product developments between Jen Schro Catching and Easton athletic gear.

An enormous emphasis was placed on social media and digital design, as well as print and experiential design embraced by her young athletes during events.

Jen Schro Brand Color Palette
Jen Schro Web Design Sliders Animation
Jen Schro eCommerce Slider
Jen Schro Web Design About Page
Jen Schro Poster Series
Jen Schro Poster Animation
Jen Schro Retreat Web Design slider
Jen Schro Social Media Campaign Design
Jen Schro Social Media Campaign Design
Jen Schro Photo Treatment
Jen Schro Photo Treatment
Jen Schro Social Media Retreat Campaign Design
Jen Schro Social Media Retreat Campaign Design
Jen Schro Retreat Campaign Ticket Design