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For the Gram

Jeff St John - January 20, 2020 - 0 comments

Social media. Everybody does it, and on a global scale. The social tile/post format is perhaps the truest currency of our time. We routinely trade in influence, expertise, luxury, the list goes on.

We bring this up not to spotlight what almost everyone between the ages of 10–65 likely already knows, but because social media has become such an integrated social construct in our personal and professional lives, that there is a weight–a certain gravity to it–that makes putting one’s work out there a significant occasion!

Today, during this time when we’re grateful to all of the people we’ve had the absolute pleasure to connect and/or collaborate with (that would be you), we’re proud to announce that we have finally sent the first few IOH™ pieces on their way to life in the big interwebs.

In other words…


Industry of Hues™ is on Instagram!

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