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Direct Mail in a Digital Marketplace

Jeff St John - August 26, 2023 - 0 comments

Wait, what?
Snail mail?

Direct Mail Brochure Design

You bet your bottom dollar! Hear us out:

We recently designed a high-end brochure as part of a direct mail kit that Pacifico Power sent out to potential customers. A quality brochure, printed on heavier, quality matte paper goes a long way towards encouraging the recipient to actually thumb through the content.

Special care and attention was also given to the envelope, it being the first point of contact with potential customer. The envelope is a great place to make a bold statement, as long as it all points to, ‘open me’!

Check out the top 3 benefits of a direct mail campaign below:

1. Direct mail is: TANGIBLE

And engages with all of your lead’s senses. Best of all, it’s not going to get lost in a (digital) pile of newsletters, promos, spam, memes from friends, social media updates… you get the idea. A well-designed piece will make a physical impact in the actual hands of the recipient.

Direct Mail Brochure Design
Direct Mail Brochure Design

2. Direct mail is: COST EFFECTIVE

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of online sources that deliver high quality printed ephemera for almost nothing at all, and with—in some cases—next day shipping.

Direct Mail Brochure Design
Direct Mail Brochure Design

3. And finally, direct mail is NOT AN ANNOYING POP-UP 

If the design, material, and messaging are impactful enough, the recipient will actually want to pick it up and open it. Bonus points if the piece serves a second function (like a calendar, gift card holder, etc.).

Still think direct mail is dead? 

The numbers most definitely do not lie.

Direct Mail Brochure Design Statistic Callout

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