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We Heart Community Giveback

Jeff St John - April 13, 2023 - 0 comments

It’s our belief that Design for Good is EVERYTHING.

If we’re not using (some of) our powers to give back to the community, then what are we really doing with our limited time on this big blue marble?

One of the great community events of the last few decades is the venerable TEDx speaker series, and Industry of Hues™ has had the great privilege to do some designing for good for two TEDxSD events (huge thank you goes out to Mr. Mark Lovett, organizer of TEDxSD from 2013–2019, for bringing us on as the communication team design leads). 

TEDxSanDiego: Created Futures

Project Scope of Work:

  • Event identity and origin graphics
  • Event program
  • Digital promotional assets (web and social media)
  • Lanyards and badges
  • Video animation (check out the animated event intro > here)

Working with local illustrator extraordinaire, Dane Danner (check him out > here), we created a campaign around the idea that as humans, our collective words, thoughts and actions can influence, nay, create a more enlightened future. 

With a diverse, illustrated cast of characters in a Southern California vibe (bringing it home to San Diego) we told a story—in a whimsical, aspirational style—about coming together and connecting with shared knowledge. Graphics and photography were treated in such a way that the future appeared to be painting itself in new, exciting ways.

TEDxSanDiego Identity
TEDxSanDiego Identity Sketches
TEDxSanDiego Faces Animation
TEDxSanDiego Digital Assets

Partnering with local print legends, Neyenesch, the pièce de résistance was most assuredly the program, with a lovely spot varnish on the cover and gloss, accordion fold tip-in for the Innovation Alley feature. Check it out below!

TEDxSanDiego Event Program
TEDxSanDiego Event Program
TEDxSanDiego Event Program
TEDxSanDiego Event Program
TEDxSanDiego Event Program
TEDxSanDiego Event Program
TEDxSanDiego Bio Photo Treatments

Bio pic photo treatments

TEDxSanDiego: Seeds of Change

Although we weren’t involved in this year’s show, we felt it was our duty to pass along the pertinent information, because this is an event you need to experience at least once (or maybe two or three times if possible!).


Tickets are sold out but you can join the wait list just in case > here.

Buy livestream tickets and enjoy from the comfort of your own home > here.

Meet the speakers > here.

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