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IOH™ Process: Logomark Creation

Jeff St John - March 6, 2023 - 0 comments

Gather, think, play, reduce, repeat.


Harvester Group
Industry: High-end Real Estate in Montecito, California

Breaking down how we…break things down;making sense of the brain’s whirling funnel of information intake (client briefs, ideas, research and inspiration).


From sketch to screen, it’s all in the details. Take a look at how we reach in & pull those gems out.

Harvester origin ideation
Harvester Identity Sketches
Harvester Identity Vector
Harvester Identity Extra Options
Harvester Brand Color Palette
Harvester type and Color Animation

Serif? Sans? Chunky? Dainty?

And don’t even get us started on color options! There are many ways to tell the same story. When we’re creating an identity, type, color, form and feeling should ultimately work together to convey the client’s purpose in a graphic format. Switching up even one of these ingredients can have a drastic effect on the overall appearance.

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