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Event Review: San Diego Magazine’s Behind the Brands 2020

Jeff St John - February 23, 2020 - 0 comments

The Music Box, Little Italy

February 20, 2020


It’s hard to believe that a year has already gone by since the last Behind the Brands, but here we are, trucking along at “ludicrous speed”, and on Thursday the 20th, we sat down with four of San Diego’s local, iconic brands to hear about what’s going on… er, behind their brands. Well, we and an entire room full of other locals eager to soak up some juicy insider info. The Music Box in Little Italy made the whole affair feel far more intimate than it would have been had it been held in a larger, more traditional auditorium.


The event was comprised of an all star cast: Ralph Rubio, Founder of Rubio’s Coastal Grill, John Faris, President of Red Door Interactive, Cassandra Curtis, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer at Once Upon a Farm, and Aliza Carpio, Principal Tech Evangelist at Intuit. The interviews were short, succinct, and jam packed full of useful (some might say actionable) advice and information, anecdotes and milestones. At no point did things seem to drag on.


Drink tickets were spent. Cocktails were on point. Snacks were plentiful. The venue was peppered with interesting vendors looking to broaden their network and get the word out about their wares. Overall, an outstanding night of community, connection, and creative solutions.

San Diego Magazine Behind the Brands
San Diego Magazine Behind the Brands Ralph Rubio
San Diego Magazine Behind the Brands Steve Neyenesch
San Diego Magazine Behind the Brands
San Diego Magazine Behind the Brands 2020

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